About MCFA

Mutaho Children's Foundation Australia (MCFA)

Mutaho Children's Foundation Australia (MCFA) is Not for profit Charity registered in Australia to support Vulnerable Children in Africa. Its a child Sponsorship Organization headquartered in Australia Tasmania that aims to eradicate Poverty through Education among vulnerable children in Western Kenya.

Meaning of the name MUTAHO

  • MU – Is a Luhya word that means Inside
  • Taho – Is a Luhya word that means light.
  •  Mutaho Means a place of light.

Kenya was Colonised by the British since 1895 to 1963 when Kenya got its Independent. The British went to mine lots minerals in Kenya including Gold that was most famous in many parts of Western. Kakamega is County in Western Kenya is well known for Gold mining. The British had set big lights in currently known as Mutaho Primary School 24/7 that helped them during mining process. Many community members used to walk and when u ask for direction or where they are going they could reply i am going into the light. They later named the place MUTAHO.


Mutaho is a village where i was born, its one village that has no light at all in terms of development and infrastructures because of lack of education among the community due to high poverty. Many pupils drop out from school at Primary level. Its from this scenario that made Mr. Kizito to start Mutaho Children’s Foundation Australia so that the charity can sponsor vulnerable children to higher levels of education and reduce poverty levels in the communities at large bringing the real meaning of Mutaho into our livelihoods as place of LIGHT.


Mutaho Children’s Foundation Australia was found in 2007 by Kizito Shisanya. Our first sponsored Children have studied well completed high schools, college, technical training Institutes and university studies and they are trying their level best to bring food on the table to themselves and their family at large. That is the greatest Impact MCFA has caused in their lives. The vision still going now in Australia, Mutaho Children’s Foundation Australia will continue its mission in eradicating poverty through Education and empowering women in the communities.


Since MCFA was found many Institutions have benefitted in many ways from the community projects we have initiated since. MCFA tree planting project has seen many schools, institutions and individuals receiving free trees to plant. Each year MCFA has tree planting day and this is to conserve the environment, Planting trees is very important for our nature.


Mutaho Children’s Foundation Australia(MCFA) is to Inspire, Educate and Empower Vulnerable children through character building, innovative, thinking, and entrepreneurship.


Mutaho Children’s Foundation Australia(MCFA) is aiming to Providing Hope and Opportunities for children. One day, all children in this world will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

Where Your Funds Go

MCFA works hard to make sure all resources entrusted to us are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. MCFA has got high transparency in their management where all your donations and sponsorship money for every child are spent efficiently on the intended project as stated.  100% of all the donations goes direct to the children and the project donated to. MCFA runs income generating projects that covers for all the administration costs, fundraising and any other costs incurred by the charity.

MCFA has high transparency as it is our main focus when it comes to money. We are committed to earning and keeping the trust and confidence of our sponsors and donors. Over 200 sponsored children have excelled very high in their lives because of MCFA and its our greatest achievements since we started in 2007.  We are very proud  over this achievements because of hardworking employees, focused strategic plans and strong leadership that has made us achieve our goals well.

The Commitment and Generosity of our sponsors, Donors and supporters is the greatest contribution to our high performance.