Former MCFA Students

Fredrick Lisili

Sponsored Child

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere appreciation on behalf of everyone in Kenya who are lucky enough to be sponsored by you. Frankly,  your kindness has provided us with hope and courage to live a better lives besides and realise that dreams do come true.
I joined MCFA, formerly MCF-Mutaho in 2007 through Kizito Shisanya Nahol. Being an orphan, life was not easy and my siblings were financially unable to fully support my education. Thanks to Kizito's work and support I finished primary school and was accepted into my dream national school, Nairobi School. If I had not received your help and love, I would have lost all confidence to continue on with my life and achieve my goals. Instead, I didn’t feel like I was alone or abandoned and I was looked after well by the Shisanya’s family. I sensed their passion and vision and continued to study hard through high school because I believed that excelling in academics was the best way to repay them for the kindness I was shown.
I enrolled at the University of Nairobi in 2014, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Science). I chose to pursue education because of the very significant impact it has on our modern society and shaping our future.
Currently, I am working as a Tutor at Averrose Tuition Centre in Nairobi. I use the knowledge I acquired in college and the good morals gained from MCFA to nurture and teach the children at Averroes. I still hope to pursue my Masters in Chemistry in the near future and thereafter join MCFA so that I can give a helping hand to unprivileged families and provide them with the same opportunities I was given.
I am grateful for our well-wishers in America (The Stonebraker’s family), Australia and the ones to come for being concerned about the underprivileged. Indeed, through you, God’s love reaches the young people who are in difficulties circumstances and in dire need of love and support.

Newton Atolwa Ongaya

Sponsored Child

I was a beneficiary of MCFA between the years of 2009 to 2012.
This organisation really supported my educational growth; paying for my school fees and providing me with many different opportunities to better my life. 
Thank you to Kizito Shisanya and all the sponsors who supported me throughout my secondary education. I enrolled on-campus at Kenya Medical Training College and studied Environmental Health Sciences. 
I am currently working with One Acre Fund as a Health Field Officer and hope to continue my career growth in this industry in the future.
May God bless you as you look to support and transform the lives of the many vulnerable children out there.