Meet Our MCFA Team

Kizito Nahol Shisanya

Founder Director

Kizito was born in the Western part of Kenya, Kakamega County Mutaho Village. Due to lack of employment opportunities his parents did not work, and having food on the table was a daily struggle. Being born in poverty is something no one would wish for.

'Big thanks to my late dad who passed on 5th November 2017  after long battle with Cancer may his soul keep Resting In Peace. Together with my mum, they battled daily for our family to get basic necessities;  food, education and basic health care. My mum Juliet is still hard at work now, because as she says; ‘Hard work pays!’ Life was hard, but my parents did their best for their family, live long my mum you deserve the best in your old age!

At age 10, I was sponsored by Compassion International. My life changed because of the great support I received from them and my sponsors. I was provided with education, basic needs and health care. Big thanks goes to my sponsors Thomas and Regina Stone-Braker from Missouri in the United States of America, they have played a big role in shaping me into the person I am today. They made fantastic changes to my life and by being a Compassion Child it has always been my dream to start a charity to help others too. Through Mutaho Children’s Foundation Australia (MCFA) many vulnerable children have been supported in the same way I was. In January 2007 with my late dad Columbanus Shisanya and my younger brother Antony Gregory we started the discussion on how we could best start community development projects, how we can help vulnerable children and empower our community at large by reducing the poverty levels through farming projects.

As a family we started Mutaho Children’s Foundation. Since then  many children have received our support, care and have improved their lives. Our first sponsored children have studied hard; completing high school, college, technical training and university studies. They have gone on to join the work force, provide for and support their families. These results are the MCFA’s greatest achievement. We are very proud of these children, who have now grown into adults and we look forward to providing education and opportunities to many more children in the future.

The vision continues… I relocated to Tasmania, Australia in June 2011. I am now an Australian Citizen and am very happy to be in this beautiful peaceful country of happy people. My life is very good here. I am surrounded by best friends who have taught me and empowered me in different ways. I am always working hard and enjoy my work with my amazing colleagues at Express Plumbing Company. I am continuing to learn more skills as I work and grow here in Australia; the latest of which being the operation of an excavator machine. Big thanks to Express Plumbing for their faith in me, and continuous support!

I kindly request everyone count their blessings, not by material items owned, but by how many hearts they have touched in this world. Together, I ask that you support my cause and help  eradicate poverty and empower the vulnerable children in Kenya!'

Brian Shisanya

Web Developer

Brian is the resident Web Developer for the MCFA and ensures that the website continues to run smoothly on both the front and backend.

'I volunteered to take on this role because I want to be part of the force that can drive positive change in this world. That's why I intend to use my skills to ensure that the MCFA has all the tools it needs to change as many lives as possible.'

Taylah Farrell

Social Media Officer

Taylah has worked with many small businesses, assisting them with their Social Media management and content creation.  

'Volunteering to help MCFA was an easy decision. Kizito is passionate and driven to make big changes in these small communities, especially for the children who live there. In 2020 there are no excuses for human beings to be unable to access education, healthcare and basic necessities. I look forward to working with the team at MCFA and changing lives for the better!'