Kids of Africa

Our Causes

Eradicating Poverty through Education

Education is a the best thing we can give to this children to assist them transform their lives and those of their poor parents. Mutaho Children’s Foundation Australia (MCFA) directs all donations to the most needy children in the society.

Empowering Communities

Whereas educating the children is a concern in Kakamega, Kenya; there is a high level of poverty among the communities. MCFA will be having training and capacity building to the community members to help them access skills and knowledge before starting their small businesses to help them cater for daily needs for their families  and hence impacting their daily lives.

Water Tanks for Schools

In early 2020 REECE Plumbing funded water project in Kenya. MCFA Founder Mr. Kizito  helped in  installing water tanks in schools and church to help children and community get access to clean drinking water. Your donation towards this project will  help  children quench thirst without exposing them to other illnesses caused by dirt and contaminated water.

Sanitary items for our School Girls

The level of poverty is very high in communities, vulnerable children suffer very much as they have no finances to cater for their basic needs. Our girls suffer most as they can’t afford to buy the sanitary items to help them during that period of the month. They are forced to stay home for at least one week which affects their schooling most of the time. MCFA is kindly kindly requesting for your support to enable our girls stay in school. Your donation will put a big smile on their face as they will be clean,safe and stay in school all the time.