Sponsor a Project

Supporting communities in eradicating poverty through starting income generating activities. At MCFA we don’t give them fish but we teach them how to fish and empower them forever!!! 

Urgent Project

Clean Water Project

The community is blessed with several water springs and good rain, the springs have dirty water which result in getting diseases such as bilharzia, typhoid, cholera and diarrhea. MCFA is kindly requesting for your support so that the springs can be well built to provide clean water. one spring can be completed at a cost of $1500 and will serve the entire community with clean fresh water. Your support will touch the hearts of many suffering families as you will have changed their lives forever.

New Project

Poultry Farming

MCFA Poultry farming will be income generating activity for the organisation and will provide eggs for the children as we aim to improve their health by provision of healthy foods and balance diet.

The Children will be trained of how to keep poultry and will be supported to start their own poultry keeping as a way to empower them.

Making an Impact in the lives of Women

Community Business Training & Empowering women

MCFA will be identifying women who are in need, willing and ready to be empowered train them and help them out to start small businesses which will enable them to support their families. Women must have a voice in the community as they play big roles as our mothers, sisters and daughters and they need to be supported fully. Your donations will help the women get out of poverty and improve their livelihoods. When you help a woman you will have helped the entire family and community at large.  A minimum of $500 will help one woman start a small business and generate family income. 

New Project

Dairy Cows Farming

MCFA will keep dairy cows for income generating activity for the organisation and provide milk for the children too. The farm will be training centre where the community members and  children will be learning how to keep cows and get empowered with more skills about farming.

New Project

Pig Rearing Project

MCFA Pigs rearing project is income generating for the Charity. The pigs are fast growing, easy to look after, easy to feed and quick in generating income. One pig gives birth to 14 piglets and after 3 to 4 months they are sold. Our new Pig on the farm will be giving birth in December so we are excited to see this project growing quick. Buying 1 mature pig costs $700 and after giving birth, sale the piglets you get your money back and 100% profit. Its amazing project that MCFA is looking forward to expand it 10 female pigs. Please kindly help us buy more pigs!!!! 


Fish Farming

MCFA has fish farm with 5 ponds,3 are empty and  ready for stocking. Each pond measuring 15m by 20m. The fish farm is an income generating activity that will support the charity once it starts making profits. The community will be taught about fish farming and how to eradicate poverty by utilising water resources we have around by starting fish farm keeping Tilapia and Cat fish varieties.

New Project

Rabbits Rearing Project

MCFA has started rabbits project so far we have 10 rabbits. the rabbits are fast breeding and growing well. Rabbits are on high demand in Kenya as their meat is so good and people like it allover. MCFA is aiming all sponsored children to have at least 2 rabbits to start breeding more in their homes. Our rabbits are high breeds so we are looking forward to expand the project to enable us have enough rabbits to give to sponsored children. Rabbits produce high quality manure, their skin is so good used as decorations in the houses and furniture.

Please Sponsor a Child

MCFA has lots of vulnerable kids who need your help,by chosing one child you will have made a big difference in their life and community.