What We Do​

Providing Hope & Opportunities for Children

We Provide Hope and Opportunities for children

Being born in poor family doesn’t mean you will be poor for the rest of your life. 

MCFA strives to meet it’s goals by identifying vulnerable children in need of assistance and supporting them in making their dreams come true. 

We Empower Women & Children

MCFA empowers children by teaching them the skills to better assist them in their lives.  We also work to empower the women in these small communities, encouraging them to start small businesses and undertake income generating activities to allow them to provide for their families and improve their livelihood.

We Educate Future Generations

MCFA supports sponsored children by providing access to quality Education.  We also provide uniforms, pay for school fees and provision school stationary and food. These children will have good  conducive environment for them to grow into productive and respected members of the community.  

Mutaho Children's Foundation Australia is seeking your support to enable these communities to improve their livelihoods. 

We Provide Care

The MCFA Community Health Worker and their team will be doing door to door campaigns on how we can live healthier life. 

MCFA will hold Health & Wellbeing Awareness Days where the at-large communities will be taught more about all of the things they can do to improve their health and quality of life. During these campaigns  medical testing will be carried out, and those found to be unwell will be provided with medication or properly supported to receive medication in hospital. 

We Nature Youth Talents

Throughout the school holidays the MCFA will continue to hold Sports Days, providing children with the opportunity to learn how to play, and practice a variety of different sports.

They will be able to receive training for these sports and compete locally with other children their age.

This allows them to work on their sporting talents and develop healthy habits and hobbies that they can pursue in later life. 

We Link with other Partners

MCFA works closely with friends, well wishers, donors and partners to identify problems that communities may be facing and working to find solutions to these issues.  James Vernom from the New Town White Eagles Soccer Club (Hobart) donated soccer uniforms to the MCFA Youth Team in Kenya. Reece Plumbing (Hobart) have provided funding go water tanks to be installed in various schools in Kakamega Kenya. The St. Paul’s Catholic School donated t-shirts for children to wear during sports days. Express Plumbing (Hobart) is one of MCFA biggest supporters.

MCFA appreciates any and all support given towards the charity it is not about the organisation, but the countless people it can help.

Our Current Projects

Sanitary items for our Girls in Schools​

The level of poverty is very high in communities, vulnerable children suffer very much as they have no finances to cater for their basic needs. Our girls suffer most as they can’t afford to buy the sanitary items to help them during that period of the month. They are forced to stay home for at least one week which affects their schooling most of the time. MCFA is kindly kindly requesting for your support to enable our girls stay in school. Your donation will put a big smile on their face as they will be clean,safe and stay in school all the time. 

New Toilets for Children in Schools

Poverty In our Communities is high, many schools with a capacity of 500 to 1000 pupils have less than 8 toilets which makes it hard during studies.  MCFA is kindly requesting for your support to help build more toilets in schools.  

Water Tanks Initiatives in schools

Most Schools have no water and makes it so hard for the pupils to study well. Students go to the river during school hours to fetch water for use at school hence study time lost every day. By having water tanks in school will help the students from this problems. Water for life lets support our children by buying them water tanks!!