Kids of Africa

Mutaho Children's Foundation Australia (MCFA)

At Mutaho Children’s Foundation, we work to help children in Africa find access to opportunities and hope through education. Please join hands with us to help their dreams come true!!

Our Causes

Mutaho Children’s Foundation Australia is helping vulnerable children to find opportunities and hope in their lives despite the socioeconomic challenges they face every day. Each donation made goes straight into helping  vulnerable children access better education and good health care. Please lets join hands to make their dreams come true!!

Educating Vulnerable Children

Mutaho Children’s Foundation Australia is aiming to eradicate poverty through community education. Education is the key to life, many children from poor families, orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya find it hard to access education due to high poverty levels in their families. MCFA fully support the children by providing basic needs, school fees and health care.

Education can lift individuals out of poverty and into rewarding careers. MCFA was established in 2007 and has supported many children who are currently working and supporting their families; hence poverty levels in such family communities has been reduced.  Please lets join hands to continue to make these children’s dreams come true.

Providing Sustainable sanitation and water services

Mutaho Children’s Foundation Australia is based in Western Kenya Kakamega County. This County is blessed to include the Kakamega Rainforest that allows Western Kenya to receive enough rain water throughout the year. However, having reliable rain doesn’t mean that the surrounding communities have water for their houses. Women and children will walk for kilometres to go and fetch water for domestic use. Schools and Churches suffer too as there is no in-built water systems in their buildings, making life hard for students and church attendees.

Helping Vulnerable Children to access better health care

Mutaho Children’s Foundation Australia will enable all vulnerable children access better health care services when needed. Cognizant of the fact that health is a very major need in human life, and that most people are not able to access it due to poverty in many communities in Kenya. Our organization MCFA will strive to ensure all vulnerable children access better health care.





Your Help Goes a Long Way

We believe volunteers and well-wishers don’t necessarily have much but they have the heart to get others happy. We have made it easier for the needy kids to get access to such help. Your help goes a long way to offer happiness where there is sorrow, to give hope to the hopeless.

Jambo (Hello)! My name is
Philip I'm 9 Years old in grade 3

Jambo (Hello)! My name is
Immaculate I'm 9 Years old in grade 1


Sponsor a Child at $50/Month

Eradicating Poverty Through Education

Your donation will go straight into supporting your sponsored children, Catering for their basic needs, food and school fees. 

Community Water Project

The Mutaho Children’s Foundation Australia (MCFA) water for schools initiative has seen us install water tanks in various schools  by the help of Reece Plumbing. This ensures that the children can quench their thirst with a glass of clean water.

MCFA Testimonials

If you are considering supporting MCFA, don’t hesitate one more moment. We have a long history with MCFA in Kenya and its founder Kizito Shisanya. We sponsored Kizito Shisanya when he was a child through Compassion International and in 2008 reconnected with him as an adult to learn of his passion for the underserved children of the community where he grew up—the Mutaho Village in Kenya. Kizito carries a life-long burden for the children of Mutaho and is relentless in his determination to create opportunities for them in education and to teach them vocational skills to help them be self-sufficient as adults. Your support to MCFA will directly assist in those efforts. We, and other supporters in the United States, sponsored several children by providing school fees and assistance since 2008. It was very rewarding to receive their letters of appreciation and school report cards noting the progress they had made in school. In fact, our adult son spent several months in Mutaho assisting in the office and making visits to the schools and teachers to support their educational goals. Please know you are supporting a VERY worthwhile cause and your support will make a huge difference in the lives of these children.

Regina & Tom Missouri, USA